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A History of the CFPD

Jeff Ohlson of the Carmel Valley Historical Society gives an overview of the history of Carmel Valley’s Cachagua Fire Department. This presentation takes you from its formative days of the mid-1970s to present. The presentation includes the history of the department’s founders and directors, its volunteer firefighters and their rigorous training, their fire vehicles, its legendary fundraising and community support, and major fire incidents.

Ancients of the Sea – the Whales

Daniel Bianchetta, an internationally-published nature photographer and Esalen Institute archivist/historian, has spent more than 15 years photographing dolphins and whales with Monterey Bay Whale Watch.

A Skunk’s Life

Jen Hunter, PhD, resident director of the Hastings Reserve in Carmel Valley, discusses the beautiful black and white animal we know as skunk. As a zoologist, her interest in the beautiful little animal with the big scent led her to study the role warning coloration plays in skunk recognition by predators.

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