The author is unique and interesting on his own merit, but his novel (recommended and lead by Joyce) broke all rating records from our group. Set during the Bolshevik revolution around 1920, our hero, the Count, is under house arrest in the finest hotel in Russia at that time- the Metropol. He is truly a genius, very well educated and extremely well read. He has many trials and tribulations to conquer but never falls from his gentlemanly demeanor. Written with beautiful language and great philosophic passages this book can easily be read more than once. (Linda’s comment) Jam-packed with many facts and trivia all woven into a tense adventure, with even some romance thrown in. There you have the recipe for our book group to be thrilled.

At the end of our very animated discussion we always rate our reads from one to ten. Wow! This book went off the charts. Three of us gave a rating of twelve and the rest gave a ten plus. This was record breaking for us.

Now most future books will have a hard time measuring up to our standards.

The 2nd Monday Book Club meets on the second Monday each month. Members make book recommendations, and for each book selected by the group, the recommending member will research the author and lead the discussion of the book. “We take turns hosting in our homes and have limited our membership in recent years in order to make sure all can participate. We often get our books from the library, sometimes using the Book Club to Go.”

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